To create a database, new database name should be set to db control namespace. If no database exists, it will be created automatically.

Database can be created, opened or deleted only before environment startup.

name type description string, ro Get database name int Database's sequential id number. This number is used in the transaction log for the database identification. string Set folder to store database data. If variable is not set, it will be automatically set as **sophia.path/database_name**. int Enable or disable mmap mode. int Enable or disable O_DIRECT mode. int Sync node file on compaction completion. int Enable or disable key expire. string Specify compression driver. Supported: lz4, zstd, none (default). function Set custom comparator function (example: [comparator.c]( string Set custom comparator function arg. function Set upsert callback function (example: [upsert.c]( string Set upsert function argument. int, ro Scheme key size limit. int Scheme field size limit. int, ro Memory used by database for in-memory key indexes in bytes. int, ro Sum of nodes size in bytes (compressed). This is equal to the full database size. int, ro Full database size before the compression. int, ro Total number of keys stored in database. This includes transactional duplicates and not yet-merged duplicates. int, ro Total number of transactional duplicates. int, ro Number of disk reads since start. int, ro Number of cache reads since start. int, ro Number of active nodes. int, ro Total number of pages.

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